Stir Fry Potatoes and Sauté Swiss Chard


IMG_1436 (1).jpg

I hope every Canadian had a great adventurous Canada day. This long weekend was pretty good, full of adventures and fun times. On Canada day instead of going all crazy, and wild like any 20 something girl university student would on days like that; a friend and I went out for Mexican food at Ahora; a really cute, and cool Mexican restaurant. We had some beaver tail on our way home, and watched the fireworks from the roof top of my house; which was a little hard to see because there was a tree blocking our path. Despite it, it was a good Canada day.

Also on this long weekend I had the chance of going to the farmers market on the Byward Market.  I wasn’t able to get a lot of things, but managed to buy some yummy leafy greens, and another plant to add to my garden. I decided to be semi adventurous, and get Swiss chard; which I’ve never tried before, or even cooked. However, to my surprise it actually like it, and managed to create a recipe out of it that could be seen as aside dish, or even a main dish.

The main dish stir fried red potato is a recipe I got from Indian Simmer but, as always I’ve mad some simple modification to the recipe; as always there is a link to the original recipe in guess you want try the original one. For the side dish is an original that’s simple, and not time consuming. The beauty of the side dish is that you could always use different types of leafy greens, and not just Swiss chard such as kale. IMG_1400.JPG




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